CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya (Updated as on the last working day of the month)

CMP – Initiatives



Name Of Activity





July- I & II

August III- V

As per schedule


Medical check up


As per situation


Grandparents Day


Last week


Film Show


2nd half




7th & 8th Period


Sports Activities

4th Friday

2nd  half


Bal Divas

14th November

As per guidelines by RO


Community Lunch

Last working day of month

4th Period


Work/ Activity Sheets


On Completion of each lesson


PTA Meeting/ Interaction with teacher

After each pen paper test/ every month

Working Saturday



Time Table- Time table has been farmed as per CMP needs. There is a provision of two teachers in class I & II; three teachers in class III & IV; and four teachers in class V.; Block period have been framed in the time table so that the required activities may take place properly. Provision of block periods facilitated the activities suitable for understanding a given concept.

Co-Curricular Activities For conducting Co- curricular Activities a period has been made on every Wednesday of every month. It has been ensured that each curricular Activities has got due weightage.

Infrastructure- One high duty digital duplicator is already installed in the resource room. This is use frequently to prepare work sheet and general circular for primary children. One Photoshop(ZEROX) machine is available for primary section to enable different activities properly and fastly.

One DLP Projector, one visualize and two desktop computers has been also installed in the room purchased to enable film show and the presentation of classes based on CAL, TAL, and power point presentation.

Advance for TLM- In order to address the various needs  of teaching-learning material for conducting activities for developing the requisite competencies among the students in various subjects, we are drawing  and spending Rs.1000/=00(one thousand only) per month cater day to day contingent requirement of primary section. The advance taken is being settled within a cycle of one month. This has enabled the functioning of activities room in primary section properly.

Spoken English- We are trying to improve commutative skills is spoken English in our students. All the students have been prepared to learn at least five poems in English and Hindi, Self-introduction in Hindi & English, name of the animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, household’s goods and stationary items.

Counseling Committee- A committee has been set up to enhance mental caliber of students. Timely guidance is being provided to the students. We are also in touch with professional counselors to conduct a program on counseling and guidance in the vidyalaya time to time.

Birthday Greetings- We has managed to give away Birthday greeting cards on the birthday occasion of primary children. These Greeting cards will be designed and prepared by the primary children’s during the drawing classes.

Grand Parents Day Celebration- During the last session we had celebrated the grandparent’s day with full enthusiasm, in this session too. We have propose the celebrate grandparents day in the month of October 2015.

Bal Diwas- Bal diwas celebration will be organized on 14 November every year as per guidance of KVs. 

SPORTS-sports activities are regularly organized in primary section. An annual sports has to be organized in which different activities of sports will organized and prizes will be distributed.

Film Show – The film for children are being screened properly, as CMP norms. We have already one DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors and one 6*4ft. Digital projector screened for the purpose.  Due to insufficient accommodation we manage to show the films class wise. The frequency of film shoe is being maintained regularly. Many a time we become helpless to do so in absence of electricity.

Local Excursion- Local Excursion has been organized. The students of classes I & II has visited. Local historical places Zoo, Parks, garden, museum, etc. with the range around 50km and the students of class III-V will visit the place around 100km in every session

Seating Arrangement Hexagonal pattern of seating arrangement is being maintained for classes I and II. For classes III, IV and V rotation system of seating arrangement separately for Boys and Girls is being maintained.

Medical Checkup - Medical checkup for primary children will be done in the month of September every year with the help of a team of doctors and information about problems related to the child has been given to the parents for their well being.

Class Room Library – Class room library is being developed in each class. The block period for library purpose has been arranged by doing necessary changes in the prevailing time table. Single steel box has been kept in each class room for keeping the library books.

PTA Meeting – PTA meeting will be organized on working Saturday of last week in every month. The parents will discuss the problem with the subject teachers. This has envisaged the learning outcome of the children.

Student Profile – Student Profile is being maintained in the vidyalaya. A separate file to each student has been opened to procure his/her family background/academic achievement areas of interact action taken by the teacher.

Activity Sheet – Activity sheet are being prepared by each subject teacher and it is being practiced in the class room after the end of the lesson.

Cubs and Bulbul Activities - The activities related to Cubs and Bulbul is being organized in every month on Wednesday. 

Community Lunch –Community lunch is being organized by sharing lunch brought by children amongst them under the supervision of class teacher. The practice of community lunch has developed the attitude of sharing their food bonanza. Now the children have exposed themselves to diverse food habits of various communities and localities. We observe the community lunch weekly as per schedule mentioned below:--

Monday-Class I, Tuesday-Class II, Wednesday-Class III, Thursday-Class IV and Friday- Class V.

Class teacher himself/herself takes lunch with his/her respective classes daily. The class teacher observes the Tiffin Session Of his Class during lunch Period.

Demonstration Lesson – A series of demonstration lesion are being organized to facilitate the teachers with the latest pedagogic strategies. Teachers, who attended In-service course this year, played a role model in this connection.

Morning Assembly – morning assembly has been conducted by primary classes on every Friday of every month.